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Christmas 2021

Dear Students, Teachers, Parents and well-wishers,

Christmas is the Birthday of Jesus Christ. He was born 2021 years ago in Bethlehem near Jerusalem. He has come to this world to spread the message of love and brotherhood. When we go to any part of the world we can see people celebrating Christmas. A few years ago, I had the privilege to participate in the Christmas celebration in Shivanda Ashram in Rishikesh.

Jesus lived only 33 years in this world. Out of these 33 years, he lived 30 years with his parents and in the last three years he had a public life. He had 12 disciples with him. During his public life, he was going around the villages doing good. He travelled only less than 100 kilometers.

He had performed many miracles, like healing the sick, feeding the hungry, giving life to dead, etc. He was a man of compassion and had concern for the poor, sick and widows.

Since he was doing good works especially for the poor in the society, the authorities did not like him. They killed him nailing on a cross; but he rose again on the third day. All Christians believe that he is in heaven now and he will come again to this world on the last day to judge the world.

Why do we celebrate His birthday even after 2021 years? The whole world respects him because he himself followed what he has preached.

  1. He taught his disciples to love one another, even their enemies. He himself loved his enemies by praying for his persecutors before his death on the cross.
  2. He asked his disciples to make themselves humble before others. Just before his death, he washed the feet of his disciples and set an example for humility.

Anyone beyond creed and cast can follow the good examples of Jesus such as love and concern for the poor, compassion, mercy, helping others, etc. These are the basic principles that we have to inherit in our lives.

On the occasion of Christmas, I invite you all to follow message of Christ and thus form a good society.

Wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Thank you.

Father Dr. Mathew John


Dear Parents & Well Wishers,

The management, staff and students of St. Thomas Convent School, Pauri-Garhwal, Uttrakhand truly acknowledge the graces and blessings that we receive day by day from Jesus Christ –The Light of the world and the Divine Master of this prestigious institution. As we open a website of the school, it is an opportunity to recall, rejoice and renew the fruitful journey of the growing years; so bravely striven by our pioneers. Trusting in God Almighty we march ahead with a clear vision molding the nation with a sure mission to reach out to the universe. It was Margret Mead who said, “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” While imparting education to match advancement in technology and globalization, our school is well equipped to prepare our students to face the life`s challenges and making them God fearing generation. We never lag behind to work hard to implement well balanced curriculum to create good citizens of our country. I am sure that ripples of joy of St. Thomas Convent School will travel to the ends of the world and touch the hearts of all those who are connected to the school through bonds of love and through this new website.

I greatly appreciate the efforts and initiatives taken by Rev. Fr. Mathew John, the beloved manager of the school to open this website immediately to reach our institution in heights with its success and achievements, to be known far and wide. Thank you dear Fr. Mathew John becoming an inspiration and innovative person of our school.

I too thank the lofty software company- Mr. Jeeno, the software engineer and his team members who completed the work on time and helping us to open this website as early as possible.

With warm wishes and God`s blessings

Stay connected

Sr. Prasada CMC